Artists Sketching and Photography Tour 2016

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Our 2017 Artists Sketching and Photography Tour was a great success, thank you to all of our friends who joined the fellowship, and Daniel Reeve for his immense talent and mentorship!

A Very Special Tour

This 2017 November tour was a chance for artists and photographers to be mentored by our good friend and artist Daniel Reeve - known for his trademark work on The Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit films. 

We were lucky to have daily photography tips, evening sketching and watercolour workshops, calligraphy workshops and watercolour demonstrations from Daniel! People could do as much or as little as they wanted to - the evening seasons were low key and hugely creative.

Most Memorable Moments

I loved watching all the creative and enthusiastic members of the group, thriving on all the new knowledge and skills they were learning. Many of them went home to practice and develop their newfound talents.

Favourite Activity

Everyone was really excited for the calligraphy lessons, getting to write in Elvish and develop their own styles!

Most Improved

Guest most improved under Daniel's mentorship: Lesley Humphries, she impressed even Daniel with her natural calligraphy skills. She thrilled and surprised herself!

Tour Images