Why Choose Us?

Red Carpet Tours operates the original tour of Lord of the Rings (LOTR) New Zealand, providing the most comprehensive tours available. Established in 2002, our constant refinement means we now offer the very best of both The Lord of the Rings and New Zealand in one compelling package.

Here are 7 reasons why you should let us take you on an adventure through Middle-earth.

1. Make Life-Long Friends

Be part of a fellowship from the moment you arrive until the time you leave. Our small groups allow you to easily mix with like-minded people and form friendships that last a lifetime. 

2. Discover Exclusive Movie Locations

We will take you off the beaten track to locations closed to the public, where you will experience not only awe-inspiring scenery and sets but also meet some of those who were involved in making the films.

3. Passionate Guides

Your tour will be led by our passionate guide, giving you access to their in-depth knowledge of all things LOTR and New Zealand. Our staff make meaningful and lasting friendships with their groups through shared interests and traveling NZ together.

4. The Original and the Best!

As the longest established The Lord of the Rings tour operator in Middle-earth, we have built connections and relationships over many years to create the optimal experience for you. We constantly refine our tours based on our guides and tour members’ feedback.

5. 100% Authentic

Red Carpet Tours was born out of genuine interest and passion for Tolkien and LOTR. We put the fans first and provide depth of knowledge and detail that will be beyond your expectations. We like to get as ‘behind the scenes' as possible - imparting interesting and little known facts, personal interactions with people involved in the production and a chance to bring the scenes to life by acting out a chosen part. This is no “theme-park” experience!

6. Amazing Testimonials

Check out our faultless feedback on Trip Advisor and Rankers.co.nz and you will see what we mean!

7. A Life-Changing Pilgrimage

Many of our customers comment on the life-changing, awe-inspiring nature of the tour in its entirety. The personal and almost sacred aspect of your own personal journey, quest or pilgrimage - has different levels of significance and meaning for each person.

Our Promise to You

“From the moment you arrive in Middle-earth, we will strive to exceed your expectations. We will take you off the beaten track, to remote locations, the very best sets and scenes, and impart our in-depth knowledge about both The Lord of the Rings and New Zealand, creating an inspiring experience you won’t forget. Your journey with Red Carpet Tours will be an adventure of a lifetime!”

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