Red Carpet Tours is a fabulous company - been with them 3 times. I agree with others posted here that it is the BEST way to see New Zealand, especially if you are a "Lord of the Rings" and "Hobbit" fan - and even if you're not! From all the Magnificent New Zealand scenery to the LotR/Hobbit film sites to the hotels, the food, and all the extras (EXTRA SPECIAL extras!!), Julie and her team will be sure that you have the most superb experience. You certainly get MORE for your money with Red Carpet Tours! ***** (Five stars) and MOST HIGHLY recommended!!

John N, USA

There is a reason that this company is the premier in its field. I’ve been home for almost a week now and I’m still struggling to comprehend how incredible my experience with Red Carpet Tours was. This was hands down one of the best things I ever have, and likely ever will do in my life. The experiences I had, the things I saw and the people I met and am now so lucky to call lifelong friends are beyond words. Julie is the most incredible guide to Middle Earth with such a wealth of knowledge and a passion for Tolkien that you feel as though you have stepped into the world itself. I can’t wait to go back one day. You will not regret this tour.

Taylor K, Australia

From first contact with the James family, and the Lord of the Rings-Red Carpet Tours, you are in the best of hands. You expect so much on the tour but you receive so much more. I came back from my first tour believing I'd never have a better, truly satisfying experience, and they could never top that two week journey. I was wrong, the second trip was every bit as special, with even more wonderful surprises. I not only highly recommend Red Carpet Tours, I commend them to anyone, and I look forward to going there and back again.

Barbara S, Australia

Just concluded my third trip with Red Carpet Tours. 5 stars for the 3rd time running! Excellent planning and attention to detail by the James Family and fabulous guiding by Julie. Once again, a very lovely, friendly ‘Fellowship’ of travellers with a common interest. You might expect ‘nerdy’ but not at all and this tour is just as suitable for non-Tolkien partners or anyone who wants to see the very best of NZ’s scenery including amazing locations that the other tours miss. Of course, there’s absolutely no shortage of the movie filming locations some of which are on private land so have exclusive access to RCT. All 3 of my tours have included some single travellers like myself and I’ve made long term friends along the way. Comfortable coaches with WiFi, excellent hotels and a wide selection of additional excursions if required. I really can’t recommend highly enough...three trips must testify to that!

Sue B, UK

My second tour through Middle Earth (New Zealand) was just as wonderful as the first, the locations you are taken to are just amazing. Best suited for people with interest in the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit films, you make so many friends throughout your journey that you become your own fellowship. Julie, our Guide, was so knowledgeable, it was obvious how passionate she is about the films, and the locations we visited, and she looked after us all so well. So many wonderful memories are built on this epic adventure throughout beautiful Middle Earth as you go off the beaten track to experience locations that few others know about, and many that are on private land that the public cannot access. For a fan of the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit, I cannot rate this tour any more highly. Simply Amazing.

Lisa S, Australia

I don’t have enough good things to say about this incredible experience. Our guide Julie is so knowledgeable and fun about everything LOTR AND New Zealand in general! My husband and I went for our belated honeymoon and I would do it all again in a heartbeat. You’re fed like Hobbits (aka a LOT), meet new friends, and you come home knowing you’ve just had the experience of a lifetime. New Zealand is stunning, and experiencing it with a Lord of the Rings undertone is even better!!! Can’t wait to go back again for the 14 day tour one day!

Taylor & Nick L, USA

This is the best and ONLY way for a LOtR/Hobbit fan to experience New Zealand. Julie and her team are fantastic, knowledgeable people who, you can tell, put so much time and effort into making sure your experience with them is an amazing one! You will not regret choosing them as your guides through middle earth.

Stephanie B, USA

Traveling New Zealand with RCT and Julie was amazing. It was the trip of a lifetime (but I hope to do it again!). It was very well put together and we got to see such amazing sites and do so many awesome things. I can't even name what my favorite part of the whole tour was because it was all just so magical! I didn't want to leave. Highly, highly recommended.

Lynn S, USA

This was a trip of a lifetime. I honestly couldn’t imagine seeing Middle Earth any other way. Julie is amazing and truly cultivated an experience that I will treasure forever. If you’re thinking about booking this trip—just do it. I promise that you will have the time of your life.

Brenna M, USA

Everything about this tour was amazing! Our tour guide Julie is a true LOTR fan, and made sure everybody was looked after. The locations were well researched and meaningful. Even after the tour ended, Julie has kept in touch as we all went our separate ways and travelled home to various parts of the world, in the ever-evolving Covid-19 crisis.

Jody R, Australia

With Julie James as our guide (Feb. 2018) on the 14 day tour... it was excellent! She always took every effort and opportunity to see to everyone's requests. The hotels we stayed in were wonderful. The meals were delicious. But the tour itself??? Awesome!!! We had big LOTR and the Hobbit fans as well as some who just wanted to see NZ... all of us had a great time! Highly recommend this tour! The memories you make will be precioussss!

Katherine C, Canada

I went solo and am a bit of an introvert, but Julie and the rest of the tour members made this an unforgettable experience and made me feel right at home. This was number one on my bucket list and it exceeded my expectations across the board. If you're contemplating booking this tour, just do it. You will not regret it. Thanks again Julie and Red Carpet Tours!

Jordan M, USA

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