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Tour Overview

Our 6 Day North Island LOTR TM  tour whisks you away from Auckland on an adventure exploring Hobbiton , Trollshaws, Mordor and Emyn Muil , Gollum's fishing pool , the secret entrance to Erebor and Wellington with Weta Workshop, Weta Cave, Roxy Theater and "Get off the road" location form FOTR ~  some iconic Middle-EarthTM scenery. 

This Tour includes special presentations by Daniel Reeve LOTR TM and HobbitTM Trilogies Calligrapher and Cartographer, as well as another special guest presentation (to be advised that month).

All within a small fellowship of like-minded travelers, led by our passionate LOTR TM guide.

With the increasing El Nino, Global warming and changing weather patterns we have found it necessary to have seasonal itineraries to enhance your experience of Middle-earth. These comprise of the following months, please email us for a copy of your chosen New Zealand season.

NZ Summer:  November through to and including March.   

NZ Autumn: April - May and Spring: October 

NZ Winter: June, July, August and September.                                                                               

"All you have to do is make the most of the time you are given" - Gandalf.



Itinerary - brief

  • Arrival Day
    Welcome dinner and meet the Fellowship at our Auckland Tour hotel.
  • Day Two
    Our 1st travel day and off to the Shire ~Hobbiton. Guided Tour and buffet lunch.
  • Overnight in Rotorua. Optional extra activity. Maori Cultural experience, dinner and show.
  • Day Three
    Stunning Trollshaw Forest guided Tour (from the Hobbit, An unexpected Journey).
  • Day Four
    Ohakune to Wellington. Gollums fishing pool and Erebor locations today.
  • Day Five
    Visit Weta Workshop, Weta Cave, The beautiful Roxy Theatre for lunch. This afternoon FOTR location.
  • Day Six
    Meet LOTR/Hobbit Calligrapher Daniel Reeve and Hobbit guest Enjoy their very special presentations.
  • Day Seven
    Alas ~ your journey through Middle Earth with Red Carpet Tours is at an end.

Itinerary - detailed

  • Day One
    Direct bookings. You are met at the airport and transferred to your hotel for the start of the tour for flights arriving from 5am - 3pm. We gather this evening for our Welcome Dinner , to meet each other and prepare for our early start tomorrow. Accommodation: Takapuna, Auckland.
  • Day Two
    Be ready to depart at 08.00 ~ Auckland to Rotorua via Hobbiton. (A full cooked Breakfast is included from Day 2 to 7.) Prepare to be enchanted by Hobbiton - a very special site to visit. Have your camera batteries charged for photos of the tranquil Shire, Bag End, Sam & Rosie’s cottage, the Party Tree. Enjoy a cool drink at The Green Dragon followed by lunch in a Marquee beside The Green Dragon (included in tour cost).
  • Day Three
    Rotorua to Trollshaw Forest and a wonderful guided tour of this Hobbit location - stunning scenery. We will enjoy a picnic lunch (included) on our way to Mt. Ruapehu and the sites of Mordor, Emyn Muil and Mt Doom. Overnight - Where the Stars stayed !
  • Day Four
    Ohakune to Wellington. This morning a Hobbit location of the Secret Entrance to Erebor and Lotr location of Gollum’s fishing pool, where Andy Serkis was careful not to plunge over the waterfall! Then, it's on to Wellywood ~ Wellington City. Tonight we dine at “The Green Parrot Restaurant” (Optional) - said to be a favourite of Viggo’s. Accommodation: Wellington, for the next 3 nights.
  • Day Five
    Wellywood Day, Miramar - New Zealand's movie capital ! Weta Workshop, Weta Cave, The beautiful Roxy Theatre for lunch ~ included in tour. Later today we check out the "Get off the road!" location from FOTR, overlooking the city.
  • Day Six
    Presentation day with LOTR / Hobbit Calligrapher and Cartographer Daniel Reeve. This afternoon a special guest presentation.
  • Day Seven
    Alas ~ your journey through Middle Earth with Red Carpet Tours is at an end. Thank you for travelling with us ..... there and back again..... Haere ra ~ Good-bye from us all at Red Carpet Tours. "Nai tiruvantel ar varyuvantel i Valar tielyanna nu vilya: May the Valar protect you on your path under the sky."
  • Departure day
    On departure day you will need a domestic airfare from Wellington to Auckland and then your international flight home from Auckland. We can recommend Air New Zealand for this domestic flight: www.airnewzealand.co.nz

Tour Highlights

  • Direct bookings: receive a Free airport transfer to our Tour hotel in Auckland.
  • Explore the beautiful village of Hobbiton.
  • Enjoy a drink at ‘The Green Dragon’ and a Marquee Festive Feast Lunch beside the Green Dragon!
  • Travel through a scenic farmland drive to the Trolls Cave and Trollshaw Forest
  • Discover the entrance to the Trolls’ cave and Sting – Bilbo’s sword.
  • Capture amazing rock formations covered in bright green moss and lichen hanging from trees.
  • Visit the dark and craggy peaks of Mordor
  • Gollum's Fishing Pool
  • Secret Entrance to Erebor
  • Meet actors and artists involved with the filming !
  • Behind the scenes Weta Workshop tour and exclusive discounts for Red Carpet Tours passengers! 
  • Beautiful Roxy Theater
  • Special presentation and custom souvenirs from the Calligrapher and map maker for the LOTRTM and HobbitTM, Daniel Reeve!


2018 Tour rates - all direct bookings receive a welcome package including a free airport transfer to tour hotel!

Single: NZ$3,085

Share Twin: NZ$2,285 per person (2 people sharing a room).

March and December 2018 include the evening Hobbiton Tour and banquet dinner in the Green Dragon.

Prices for this tour are: Single NZ$3,235 or Share Twin NZ$2,435 per person (2 people sharing a room).

December 2018 include the evening Hobbiton Tour and banquet dinner in the Green Dragon. Single NZ$3,325 or Share Twin NZ$2,525 (2 people sharing a room).

Click on the "Book This Tour" button to make a booking request! For further enquiries, you may e-mail us at [email protected].

Booking Details

Monthly departures, in line with our 14 day tours.

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • January 2018 8th – 14th Monday - Sunday
  • February 2018 12th – 18th Monday - Sunday
  • March 2018 12th – 18th Monday - Sunday
  • April 2018 9th – 15th Monday - Sunday
  • May 2018 7th – 13th Monday - Sunday