This southern city is the gateway to the vast open Canterbury landscapes and a great base from which to approach Edoras and Lake-town.

Christchurch is a vibrant city, emerging from the earthquakes in new, inspiring and exciting ways. There is plenty to see and do and locals are keen to welcome visitors and show them around. This southern city is also the gateway to the vast open Canterbury landscapes and a great base from which to approach Edoras and Lake-town. On a fine day there are sweeping views across the flat Canterbury Plains to a chain of hauntingly beautiful mountains, the Southern Alps.

The mighty Alps regularly featured as Tolkein's Misty Mountains and the backdrop for mountain fortresses and mighty Middle-earthbattle scenes. Edoras, the capital of the Rohan people was built on a steeply sided rocky hillock overlooking the braided river and tussocks of the Rangitata River Valley. Located on a typical South Island high country station ringed by snowcapped mountains, Edoras is a powerful location.

Mount Sunday is a stunning site with expansive views of the Rangitata River and the surrounding mountains.

The small hill got its name because boundary riders from the high-country stations would meet here on Sundays. More recently it was the film site for Edoras in the movie The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. We climb this mountain with knowledgeable Lotr Guides who have great stories about all the scenes filmed in this very powerful location.

The Lord of The Rings Filming Locations Visited

Our New Zealand The Lord of the Rings tours include many movie locations such as Hobbiton and Trollshaw in The North Island, to Laketown and Edoras in the South Island! All of these beautiful places are instantly recognisable in real life.

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In the midst of endless rolling green hills flecked with white sheep is the village of Hobbiton. Be prepared to be transported to the peaceful region of Middle-earth™ where Bilbo Baggins lived and the

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Although the area is better known for the Waitomo Caves and glow worms, the Mangaotaki Valley near Piopio also featured in The Hobbit where it became the location for Staddle Farm and Trollshaw Forest

Barrel Rider River

Pelorus River is a stunning location where Bilbo and the 13 Dwarves had to ride down the rapids in their barrels!

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Barrel Rider River

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